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Dedicated to improving the lives of patients with tick-borne infections.


Living with Chronic Lyme Disease is tough enough, let us help.

Clymb Health is a symptom tracking solution that makes it easy to collect health data, share insights with your doctor, and learn how specific treatments and lifestyle factors are affecting your recovery over time.



Symptom & Treatment Tracking

Enter daily or weekly health data with our easy to use iPhone app. Over time, our system will get to know you and reduce the amount of time and energy needed to collect accurate symptom and treatment information.

dynamic, Shareable reports

View dynamic, interactive reports that provide insights into your treatment progress over time. Easily share with your doctor to help inform treatment decisions and add more solutions-focused time to your appointments. 



Personalized machine learning techniques map how you are experiencing a disease and algorithms identify symptom triggers and provide insights into treatment and environmental triggers.



Who We Are

I guess you could say we are twins on a mission. In 2014, Whitney was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease after a year of searching for an answer and watching her health decline. By luck, she was connected with Lyme-literate physician who saw her set of complex symptoms and test results as a clear indicator of tick-borne infection (TBI). After starting treatment, it became clear that managing a chronic illness, like Lyme Disease, can easily be a full-time job and her doctor, like many treating Lyme Disease, relied on her symptom tracking and verbal recollection of diet, lifestyle, and other factors to inform her treatment decisions. 

Looking for a way to help, Shannon entered a Lyme Innovation Hackathon through her MBA program at UC Berkeley. We interviewed over 100 people living with chronic Lyme Disease, doctors treating patients, and health researchers who all stated that data is the most immediate need for diagnosing and treating patients with tick-borne infections. This led us to found Clymb Health with a mission to take crucial health data off of personal journals, refrigerator calendars, and paper surveys and onto a robust symptom and treatment tracking platform.

Use of this app will reduce burden on patients who spend much of their day tracking or worrying about tracking, provide doctors with real-time insight into the progression of their patients through treatment, and reduce valuable (and expensive) time spent during doctor's appointments simply recollecting symptom history. Shannon formed a team and connected with Dr. Sunjya K. Schweig, co-founder of the California Center for Functional Medicine, and Wendy Adams, a member of the Science Committee and Advisory Board at the Bay Area Lyme Foundation. They had been searching for a solution like this to use with patients and the rest is history! After winning second place in the joint competition between UC Berkeley and MIT in Boston, MA we set out to make our dream a reality! Stay tuned. 



Shannon Herline


Shannon Herline is a MBA-candidate at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business and Program Manager at LinkedIn. She holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Michigan. Prior to LinkedIn, she spent five years as a management consultant at Accenture implementing large-scale system and people management solutions for organizations within the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industries. Shannon’s twin sister, Whitney, has chronic Lyme Disease.


Whitney Herline


Whitney Herline holds a BA in Sociology from the University of Michigan and is certified in Applied Positive Psychology from the Flourishing Institute. She is a client relationship management professional working primarily for start-ups. She has successfully developed and managed strategic client partnerships across multiple industries. Whitney has been in treatment for chronic Lyme Disease for the past two years.


Daniel Lopez Martinez


Daniel Lopez Martinez is a PhD student at the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology, working with Prof Rosalind Picard in the Affective Computing group, MIT Media Lab. Prior to starting his doctoral studies, Daniel participated in the Bioscience Enterprise program at the University of Cambridge, and graduated with first class honors from Imperial College London, obtaining the Medal for Excellence of the Faculty of Engineering.


Usman Raza

Product manager

Usman Raza is a MS Information Systems candidate at UC Berkeley School of Information, with a previous Masters in Health Policy & Management at Harvard and MD from Pakistan. Usman is passionate about using information technology to improve health services, and has successfully managed complex public health projects and programs across Pakistan ranging from polio vaccination to HIV/AIDS. He has served as a consultant for international agencies on data intensive assignments.

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