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The field of lyme disease research is severely lacking the personalized health data needed to more fully understand the disease and how each individual experiences it. 

In 2018, Clymb Health launched our first exploratory study to start gathering this data! We are focused on treatments that Lyme patients are using and overall quality of health. The Lyme community is incredibly powerful already and by harnessing that power we feel we can really make a difference.

For our analysis to be accurate, we need the same data from people without Lyme as well.

By joining this study you will get first access to our app and dashboards (in beta!), plus connect with a motivated, data-driven community of both Lyme and non-Lyme participants. 

Participants can expect:

  1. Complete a set of baseline surveys, covering basic demographics and diagnostic history
  2. Record and track treatments using excel spreadsheet
  3. Record daily symptoms and a short journal in mobile app
  4. Periodically complete short surveys sent via text

Data from all participants will be aggregated and de-identified, then insights will be shared back to the community. This could include data like:

  • Which treatments people are using
  • How frequently they are using them
  • Overall well-being compared to healthy participants
  • Sleep patterns compared to healthy participants

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